Files made for Ableton Live 9

  • This is a Plug and Play way to start DJing in Ableton Live. This is a simple pre made and tested Ableton Live Set for DJing. It's got all the effects, crossfaders. and everything you need to start DJing in Live.
  • A great track comes from a solid foundation found in your composition. If you have ever gotten stuck finishing a track, or building out your song than this Live Pack is for you. Using a unique technique of writing composition notes in MIDI this live set lets you drag and drop new ideas into your project and help you keep inspired and creating music. Get the pack, Drag and Drop, and keep the music flowing.
  • The next level up from DJing tracks is to take those tracks and mash them into a unique Bootleg.  This Live Pack lets you take any track and easily start producing it into your own Remix. It's got all the tools, all the tricks, and is plug and play to start writing new Bootleg Remixes.
  • This template makes it easy to open up Ableton Live and have everything you need in place to start producing music. You got all the routing, some cool effects ready to go, EQ on channels and more. It's now plug and play to keep the creativity flowing.