• This retro sounding pack is perfect for Electronica Synth Pop and Dark Wave. Live Pack features a collection of that 80's-90's sounding synths made with real VHS tape effects, Analog Cassettes, and more. Add unique character and spice to your tracks with Lo-Fi Synths.
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    A collection of Ethnic and world string instruments from around the world. All instruments are tuned to 432 in Ableton Live.
  • Morphonic Texture is a collection of sound design tools and instruments for creating massively huge textures, and lushes environments. With over 72 Instruments this Live Pack gives you a world of sound design to discover.
  • Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and sound effects. This is a collection of Chimes, Bells, Singing Bowls, and Tingshas made from around the world and recorded into use in Ableton Live. This has a live set with 4 Multi sample instrument racks and one large Drum Rack of sounds.
  • This Ableton Live Pack includes all the Free Live Packs on Subaqueousmusic.com.  Instead of crawling through the site and other online sites that have featured Subaqueous Packs, you can grab all of them with one convenient download.